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"Welcome to Encyclopedia SpongeBobia, the comprehensive database about all things SpongeBob-related that anyone can edit!"

Encyclopedia SpongeBobia's main page.

Encyclopedia SpongeBobia



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An example of a good FANDOM wiki.
a.k.a.: The SpongeBob Wiki
Type of site: Wiki
Language: English
Created by: Haldir
Owner: Bureaucrats:

Kandy Katie
Date of launch: April 25, 2007
Status: Active

Encyclopedia SpongeBobia is a wiki for SpongeBob SquarePants-related content. The goal of Encyclopedia SpongeBobia is to create a central information database for everything SpongeBob SquarePants-related and to make this the most accurate and largest SpongeBob SquarePants information database.

Why It Rocks

  1. The site focuses on a lot of stuff related to SpongeBob which is neat.
  2. You can even request rights on the site as seen from here, and if your vote is successful, you'll get promoted.
  3. Because you can't send people friend requests on FANDOM, users can add you as a friend there just by simply requesting them to put you on their friends list which is nice.
  4. Users can express their own opinions on SpongeBob episodes whether it's unpopular or not.
  5. A lot of pages have a lot of information in them like their video game articles or most of their episode articles.
  6. The templates in the wiki are helpful like the "Spoiler" template if a show, episode, etc. came out a week or so and the "Future" template if the stuff the page focuses on is not out yet.
  7. While a lot of blogs like the blogs Idroppedmypen or SpongeTron D makes are sorta off-topic, they can be funny for off-topic blogs.
  8. Propsals are also helpful as you can fix a problem with the site and then everything will end up good.
  9. They also paid respects to the dead since they respected a user named "CheeseRoxTheWorld" when she died.
  10. The Encyclopedia SpongeBobia Discord is just as good as the wiki.
  11. The wiki improved again after 2021 (exception would be the UCP theme).
  12. Even though some admins are inactive and barely doing their job, new admins (such as Stryker305 and BSpongeSM02) came to the site to replace the older admins.
  13. H&Hs and the other stuff ESB has until the UCP update was moved to the discussions so people can relive the old ESB days.
  14. A lot of nice users are on this site such as SpongeTron D, BSpongeSM02, Robski10, Luigi is our god, BookFandumb, Golfpecks256 (he sadly retired however), Mavnol111, Anthony2306, and Cmcgrath26.
  15. Unlike other FANDOM wikis, it doesn't suffer from the problems you would see from your average wiki on FANDOM such as poor moderation, irresponsible admins, SJWs, etc.
  16. Edit warring on this wiki is almost impossible to find due to the admins being active here and there.
  17. The wiki also spawned other SpongeBob related wikis such as SpongeBob Fanon Wiki, Encyclopedia SpongeBobia Wiki (closed), Anti-ScumBob Wiki, ESB Shows Wiki, and the wiki's Miraheze counterpart.
  18. Before the ESB chat retired due to the UCP update, Golf announced a party in the chat so people can spent their finale times in the ESB chat.
  19. Ever year, the site has user reviews where you vote or oppose if the ESB crew member and give out your own reasons for why they should keep their rights or remove their rights.
  20. The site also makes pages on people who plays in the show, one of the examples is the page on Bob Kulick, who played the guitar in the Sweet Victory song.
  21. Going back to the templates, a lot of them are funny like the "We paid nine dollars for this?" joke a.k.a pun on the stub template.

Bad Qualities

  1. While a lot of pages are good, there are still a lot of bad pages on the wiki like the Kamp Koral pages.
  2. There has been a couple drama in the wiki even though it thankfully died out.
  3. The site since 2020 wasn't really great even though it did improve again since 2021 and somewhat December 2020.
  4. A lot of user's reasons to vote or oppose can sometimes be invalid or too strict. Other times, people would oppose requests because others do it which is circle-jerking.
  5. The site is anti-free speech as you can get warned just for simply swearing.


  • Fad was the first user to be blocked on this wiki.
  • Scrooge200Bot has the most edits on this wiki.
  • This wiki launched in between the premiere of the episodes "Friend or Foe" and "Spy Buddies."
  • The website's name is a pun on the Encyclopædia Britannica.
  • While AMK152 is the owner of this site, Haldir is the actual founder of this wiki but he was inactive for a really long time so AMK152 adopted the wiki to FANDOM, making him the owner of this site.
  • Between April 2007 and February 2018, it took Encyclopedia SpongeBobia ten years and ten months to have a female bureaucrat.
  • 120d has the highest leaderboard position on this wiki.
  • The owner of the wiki, AMK152 was inactive for almost an entire year since 2020 even though he eventually came back since September.
  • The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie is the biggest page on the entire wiki.




one month ago
Score 3
This wiki has gotten better, especially since new admins have been coming in, though there is still room for improvement.


one month ago
Score 1

The site is better than during the Dark Age (August 2019-2021), but the damage is already done and ESB is still nowhere near its Golden Age, pre-2019.

To be honest, I think this should be Encyclopedia SpongeBobia (2007-2019), but DuchessTheSponge and I made an agreement to keep it like this. I think it is mostly just that Duchess and I have had different experiences there: Duchess claims to have received birthday wishes, though I was treated absolutely horribly by the community.

The Dunkman

16 days ago
Score 2

What happened during 2020?

Also, I have an account there.


12 days ago
Score 1
Well the wiki started to decline after Golfpecks256 left the administration. People stopped taking the wiki seriously and proposals became a war zone, staff stopped doing their jobs, and the whole place just descended into chaos and anarchy. The only reason why it says (2007-2019, 2021-present) instead of (2007-2019) is because DuchessTheSponge said so, and he is a very powerful person so I don't want to mess with him.

Code yellow

14 days ago
Score 2
i used to be on here but i got blcoked.they are VERY NICE! escally luigi is our god


11 days ago
Score 2
Happy 14th anniversary to this website.


11 days ago
Score 1
Happy birthday, ESB!

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