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Behold, the most iconic website in all of history.
Type of site: Subsidiary
Language: Multilingual
Created by: Larry Page
Sergey Brin
Owner: Alphabet Inc. (2015-present)[1]
Date of launch: September 4, 1998
Status: Active

Google LLC is a research site that is multinational and makes products, which was created by two Jewish Americans, Larry Page and Sergey Brin on September 4, 1998. It has a record of being one of the most used sites for research on Guinness World Records and being the most iconic website of all time.

Good Qualities

  1. It has a unique and creative concept. It can allow you to look up any site you wish to visit, and look up images.
  2. Load of images can be researched and saved as to which one you want, and most of them are appealing to look at.
  3. Was also a good candidate for a research project when the founders were at first PhD students at Stanford University of Stanford, California.
  4. The Google Doodle trope allows the company to honor the figures of real life, and the history they honor. The rhyme of the name is also clever.
  5. It managed to become so iconic, it’s revenue is over 66,001,000,000 US Dollars.
  6. Spawned several other systems, like Google+, Google Chrome, Google Translate, Google Drive, Gmail, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Sites, Google Slides, and more.
  7. You can also purchase the electronics they produce, and they’re pretty good like the Google Home smart speaker.
  8. Back when YouTube was actually a fresh website, they had a pretty good partnership, which all the policies.
  9. A satisfying view of the design of the site, even in it’s early years.
  10. While it still tracks what its users search on its search engine, it allows for better search results than the search engines that don't track their users.
  11. Programmed various software for your own personal needs, which is your house, car and several others.
  12. It also made various partner ships other than YouTube, like Android.
  13. A lot of fun games to play, like the Snake game, Be Internet Awesome, several holiday based games, and lots more that will allow you to have a fun experience.
  14. It allows you to write reviews on a variety of media, like Films, TV shows, and so on.
  15. Due to just simply being a viewing site rather than a social media site, almost no one can manage to get you harassed.
  16. It has a really large amount of pages, animals, video games, other sites, and sales you can access.
  17. Its systems are really helpful if you have a school assignment, notably Google Docs.

Bad Qualities

  1. It received criticism and controversy for prominent media coverage, aggressive tax avoidance, violating privacy, and the energy consumption of it's servers.
  2. They launched some bad products or made them bad such as the Google+, YouTube since 2013, and Google Stadia.
    • The Google+ site was very flawed, and ripped off some sites such as Facebook.
    • It was also responsible for making YouTube have a massive amount of downfalls, to the point it’s no longer a fresh website, but a SJW one.
    • Their cloud based gaming "console" Google Stadia was a total disaster.
      • One of its problems was lack of search box, which is ironical and hypocritical, since they are famous for their search engine.
    • Their attempt to make Android, their mobile OS, compactible with tablets failed.
  3. They save everything you do, even if you turn off the tracking or clear your browsing history. they will still track you.
  4. Sometimes, some features are all of a sudden deleted, as well as without warning. A more spear example is the removal of the custom date range of Google Images, (which is very effective for users to locate the more older images regardless of how long) whilst Google Videos still had it.[2][3]
  5. The successor to Google Hangouts, Google Meet, can have low-quality connection, which makes it do the following:
    • It can kick you out.
    • It can make it so you can't hear people talk.
    • It can take a long time to load.
  6. Since 2020, some pointless restrictions for kids' accounts or school accounts have been added:
    • Since May 2020, you can't start your own meeting or join a meeting on kids' accounts.
    • Since September 2020, kids can't change their avatar, meaning that they are stuck with their current avatar, which if they didn't change it before, is just 2 letters, very generic.
    • You also can no longer inspect on kids' accounts. While this might have been done so that kids can't fake test scores or hide homework questions they don't want to do, it is still pointless.
  7. Google's search engine, has some flaws to it.
    • With restricted mode, there will be less NSFW Content shown. But there will be a few subjective images in there.



Anonymous user #1

14 months ago
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(Sigh) My first article there.


12 months ago
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What about their internal far-left-wing bias?


27 days ago
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Yeah , they are quite biased against right-wingers.


7 months ago
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There are not many pages on this wiki compared to the rotten websites wiki. There's only 29 pages on this wiki while rotten websites wiki has 161. What's up with that?


5 months ago
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Maybe because most websites are crappy.


3 months ago
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I use google everyday

Fridericus M

one month ago
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I don't like to use My Activity of my Google account. I just don't want to do anything stupid there that will cost me history-worth of data.

My name is Valentine you bit-

one month ago
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I do agree on BQ #9, you see, when I was 12, I was a big fan of the ship 'Sonamy,' and one day I got bored, so I google sonamy to make my day less boring, and I found rule 34 so I got off of Google images immediately, I've never googled and fandom ships since 😂

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