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Imgflip white 96.png
"Memes that don't exist"
Type of site: Generator, Social Network
Language: English
Created by: Dylan Wenzlau
Owner: Dylan Wenzlau
Date of launch: June 14th, 2008
Status: Active

Imgflip is a meme creator, image uploading, gif generator, and pie chart making site that allows you to create and share memes on a wide variety of social networks. Created in 2008 by Dylan Wenzlau.

Why It Rocks

  1. A lot of great memes origin from this site such as "Who Would Win?" or "Mocking SpongeBob".
  2. You can not just make your memes on the site but you can also create your own meme trends as well which is a really cool feature onto the page.
  3. People can not view NSFW content if they're minors thanks to Imgflip's warning about the NSFW memes.
  4. The site has a lot of great users with good sense of humor such as Tooflless_Offical.
  5. You can not just make memes but you can also make GIFs and charts as well.
  6. Just like Reddit, it's like and dislike system is unique because you have upvotes and downvotes instead.
  7. If you ran out of ideas for meme templates to use for your memes, the site chooses a random template for you to help your career running when being a memer.

Bad Qualities

  1. The site also spawned some infamous or bad memes like this.



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