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Pawn Community



Type of site: Pawn sharing network
Screenshot sharing network
Language: Japanese
Created by: Capcom
Owner: Capcom
Date of launch: 2012
Status: Active

Pawn Community is a social media site developed by Capcom and released in 2012, it's used to post your main pawn and screenshots from Dragon's Dogma, the website was used to work for both Dragon's Dogma & Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen only for the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions (Xbox 360 servers were shutdown in March 31, 2018. only the PS3 version still available), the website uses a like system named "NICE! Hits", just like to Twitter's Like system and Reddit's Karma system, the website features an profile picture system, favorites system and a Adobe Flash Player game called Arisen's Adobe/My Adobe (that was added in 2013), which features many quests that give you TPs (Treasure Points).

Why It Rocks


  1. The community is very respectful (similar to Miraheze), despite having few active users in the website, there's no harassment or any hate threats whatsoever for many years.
    • mupipipi (one of the most viewed users ever in the website) is very amazing, he is very respectful to any user, his screenshots and posts are very unique, finding secrets or glitches and makes very high quality screenshots.
    • Also, much like Encyclopedia SpongeBobia, you can find many nice users such as momohiki11 (サシャ), sirokuro4646 (ヴァルハイト), Scrap Heap Photography (a.k.a Old_Man_Jonesy on PSN and Reddit) and JP01052.
  2. Thanks to the Photo/Share mode integration from the game, you can upload a Dragon's Dogma/Dark Arisen screenshot (either if is a Offline or Online screenshot) to Pawn Community, you can send it private or public.
  3. There's tons of features and options that can be customized.
    • Add any user to your favorites.
    • Set your Game Data profile, either Original Vanilla or Dark Arisen.
    • Set your Display Names, either your CAPCOM Account's name, Arisen's name or your main pawn's name.
    • Set your Avatar, either the Default avatars or your custom avatars of the screenshots.
    • Set your Pawn's inclination to many types of inclinations that affects your pawn's behavior in the quests.
    • Set your Pawn's manner of speech, such as Reticent, Aggressive or Confident, that affects your pawn's dialogue.
    • Write your Personal Message that displays on your user profile page.
    • Set your Comment Settings either allowed or disallowed to other users to post comments on your screenshots.
  4. In 2013, it introduced the Arisen's Adobe/My Adobe, which is a room creator of the website.
  5. For a website released in 2012 that was redesigned in 2013, the design of website is beautiful and clean, looks very detailed for 2013 standards.
  6. You can select a section theme to your screenshot, doing so, your screenshot will appear on a specific section, if the screenshot is selected on the current section of the week, your screenshot will be posted on The Gran Soren Times, becoming trending/featured that will appear on the website's front page.
  7. The photo album is advanced, organized and easy to use, for example; making a screenshot in Soulflayer Canyon will update the location to a specific location album after posting the screenshot, it also has a category that includes your screenshots with a selected theme section and a category that includes your screenshots posted from Original Vanilla, Dark Arisen or Arisen's Adobe.
  8. The Japanese version of the website has more content to see unlike the English version, you would get more tutorial information how this website can offer, they're pretty detailed, you can check more options such as Dragon's Dogma Quest, a mobile game that was exclusive only in Japan, more links to the Original Vanilla and Dark Arisen version websites and Dragon's Dogma News Web, the main menu is longer and more organized, at least there some minor differences, such as the sprites, text, images, textures and more in the website, foreign people has chance to use translate tools (also bulti-in in some browser like Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge) to read the japanese text translated.

Arisen's Adobe/My Adobe

  1. The room creator, where you can place items, characters, decorations and much more, small items can be placed above the furniture (for certain items) whatever position you want, it is very simple, easy and advanced to build stuff on your adobe, this one of the very few AAA games that has a room creator in any social media or official websites.
  2. The game features a currency/score system named "Treasure Points" (TPs in short) that is used to unlock rooms, see below.
  3. There's five rooms available to unlock after collecting the certified number of TPs, if you get more TPs by completing valueable or rare quests, you will have more rooms to create and build.
    • The first room is available from start.
    • The second room requires 5000 TPs.
    • The third room requires 10000 TPs.
    • The fourth room requires 20000 TPs.
    • The fifth room requires 40000 TPs, this is the final room of Arisen's/My Adobe.
  4. There's a large number of items, characters and decorations that can be rewarded by completing quests or collecting items during quests.
    • There are pots, chairs, tables and many furniture for decorations.
    • There are many characters with a different look or a special one for NPCs.
    • There are birds, rats, rabbits, many to count and a Ur-Dragon statue (the most rare of all them, very few people have it) that was exclusive only during the original Dark Arisen contest events in 2013, in the Ur-Dragon Hunt contest, which was finished long time ago.
    • And there are few room designs that improve the look of your Adobe.
  5. It has tons of quests in the game, featuring Rare quests and Normal quests, when you complete, it rewards you TPs and a certified item for a specified quest.
    • It features a star intensity rating that shows the quest's difficulty.
    • Rare quests have great amount of TPs that helps you grinding to unlock all rooms quickly.
    • The game gives you Rare quest points everytime if any screenshot posted by you is posted on The Gran Soren Times.
      • If you have two screenshots posted by you and was posted on The Gran Soren Times, you gain 2 Rare quests points.
  6. You can take a screenshot of your Adobe that was saved and post to the Arisen's Adobe screenshot section, which works the same as the normal sreenshots.
  7. While there's not many advanced options or features to make it more advanced, the room looks very nice and very detailed, such as Nora's Bedroom (created by AlvaroNovaes-BR), even when there's not many items in the inventory, you can make it decent, while you can't find quests that has the specified items to get.
  8. There's also plenty of support by the community of the website making unique rooms in the Arisen's Adobe menu, sadly, due to the shutdown of Adobe Flash Player, they cannot edit rooms and nearly no one is posting screenshots of the Adobe nowadays.

Bad Qualities

  1. The server connection can be quite delayed, it got even worse after the integration with Capcom ID.
  2. Some features are pretty outdated compared to other websites nowadays, to be honest, it has a notification menu in the user page, but it's kinda limited, you cannot see any received messages that you commented on any screenshot posted by other user, you can only see for the screenshots posted by you. You cannot even see your quest progression (it can be only seen in the Arisen's Adobe/My Adobe quest history section page). By these problems, it doesn't have a notification bell.
  3. After the shutdown of Adobe Flash Player, you can't anymore edit the rooms in Arisen's Adobe/My Adobe, you can only post them (if is a detailed room that you edited before or a blank), leaving many users completely impossible to complete 100%, according to AlvaroNovaes-BR, he managed to unlock all five rooms hours before the shutdown of Flash in December 31, 2020.
    • The rooms takes alot of grind to unlock by completing rare quests.
    • You can still accept and complete quests in Arisen's Adobe/My Adobe, you cannot use the items that you got from quests due to the shutdown of Adobe Flash Player.
    • You active the Flash by using an old version of any browser and doing the date/time glitch by setting the date before the date 01/12/2021 to make the Adobe Flash Player plugin think that is not the day when the emulation is blocked to an screensaver after January 12, 2021, after doing so the date/time glitch when the screen successfully appeared and setting the current date/time of the computer, the editor will work, but you can't save, leaving or starting a quest will freeze the website or log you off, making now impossible to edit the rooms and there's no way to find a solution.


  • In the english version of the website's age verification gate, has a typo error in the subtitle of the logo that says "Commnity" instead of "Community".
  • This is the largest page of the Fresh Websites Wiki (If not count the main page).



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