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Type of site: Social Media
Created by: Steve Huffman
Aaron Swartz
Alexis Ohanian
Owner: Advance Publications
Date of launch: June 23, 2005
Status: Active

Reddit is an American social news aggregation, web content rating, and discussion website. Registered members submit content to the site such as links, text posts, and images, which are then voted up or down by other users.

Good Qualities

  1. It can lead to good conversations if you can beat the karma system.
  2. The ability to create subreddits (Reddit's more integral version of groups) is nice.
  3. Some good or decent subreddits, such as r/okbuddyretard, r/Thesilphroad, r/shittymcsuggestions, r/arabfunny, r/sbubby, r/wholesome, r/just2good, r/dankmemes, and others.
    • You can find or make a subreddit for any interest or topic you like as well.
  4. Some or at least most good memes originate from here.
  5. Despite having a new design that is disliked by many, users are still able to choose the old design unlike certain websites.
  6. Recently, the site has added a feature where you can make your own snoo avatar.
  7. While the awards have somewhat of a bad reputation, they are admittedly cute, among other things, and they aren't really that bad on their own.
    • You can even get them for free sometimes.
  8. There are also several good users there.
  9. Sometimes the moderators ban some users and subreddits for good reasons. For example, there were subreddits for neo-nazis that were shut down, and a fan of the Columbine massacre made a post saying that he wanted to kill his family and he got banned.
    • Another example is that they banned the infamous "r/fatpeoplehate" subreddit due to body shaming people.
  10. The Reddit chat is decent and, as mentioned above, you can get the chance to chat to other users on the Reddit site.
  11. If you like a post a lot you can give them Silver, Gold or Platinum award, which is a nice feature.
  12. Another nice thing about Reddit is that once you make a meme on a popular subreddit, it will become very popular by a high chance and you can easily gain around 1000 followers on the site.
  13. Back to GQ#4, a lot of Reddit memes are nicely edited and photoshopped, capturing realism rather well.
  14. The fact users who make too many subreddits have to wait until they can make another subreddit is a decent touch since it can avoid spamming.
  15. You can do live streaming on Reddit thanks to the Reddit Live feature on the site.
  16. Some Reddit posts are good like most of the memes, pig and pup having the best time playing together, etc.
  17. The design of the site is pretty cool, especially their robot mascot all the way to the logo.
  18. Back to mentioning the posts, you can't just make posts on images but you can make blog posts discussing about yourself and even post videos.
  19. A couple Reddit users make memes to make nutshells on hoaxes such as the world ending when there's no proof on that showing their awareness on most flaws we all have.
  20. Its like and dislike system is unique because you have upvotes and downvotes instead.

Bad Qualities

  1. The massive success of Reddit attracted many bad YouTubers to make effortless content. A prime example of this is the genre of "Reddit reading" videos, where someone reads a bunch of popular Reddit posts with little to no commentary. Some of these YouTubers are good enough, but the worst literally get a text to speech program to narrate for them while they suck up all the ad revenue.
  2. The site's "karma" system encourages bad behavior. Anyone who gets downvoted, even for a simple disagreement, loses some of their "karma". It also encourages people to repost to get more "karma".
  3. CEOs Ellen Pao (former) and spez (current) are rotten.
  4. Some memes are now either repetitive or overused, such as the infamous "mods are gay" meme.
  5. Bad subreddits exist there too like r/GamerGhazi (the unoffical HQ of Anti-GamerGate), r/Feminism, r/ToiletPaperUsa, r/TwoXChromosomes, r/SubredditDrama, r/MurderedByWords, r/fuckhomescapes, r/therightcantmeme, r/theleftcantmeme, r/AnimeHate, and r/fuckcaillou.
  6. Some memes are now either repetitive or overused, such as the infamous "mods are gay" meme.
  7. Having a conversation with members of a subreddit you are not part of is time-consuming because many force you to wait an extended period of time (at most 10 minutes) before you could reply.
  8. In 2020, a massive ban wave occurred that banned over 2000 subreddits that targeted "racist" content. Plenty of innocent subs got banned in the chaos, including r/bigchungus, the ban theoried to happen because it was getting too big and powerful, proving how the site has an iron grip on free speech.
  9. Annoying and/or useless bots that reply to your comments and/or posts that contain certain keywords. Here are some examples:
    • u/CommonMisspellingBot which replies to comments containing common misspellings or improper spelling.
    • In 2018-2019, it was being followed by bots such as u/BooCMB to automatically reply to hate comments to u/CommonMisspellingBot replies. This led to the creation of several bots replying to u/BooCMB and bots after, creating a long chain of bot argument comments.
    • Later, the project was abandoned. In August 2019, u/CommonMisspellingBot was shut down as the project was abandoned for months, and due to community consensus.
    • u/CoolDownBot which replies to comments mentioning the F word at least three times.
    • u/Wash_your_hands_bot which comments "Wash your hands!" on posts mentioning "coronavirus", "COVID-19", etc. regardless of context.
    • In March 2020, it was shadowbanned by Reddit admins. A few weeks later, it was un-shadowbanned for some reason.
    • Hijacker bots that hijack commands of actually useful bots, such as u/Not_RepostSleuthBot which replies a useless comment resembling u/RepostSleuthBot's replies.
    • There are a lot more useless bots on Reddit.
    • A moderation bot called BotBust was created to automatically ban well known useless bots, with a community-submitted blacklist. It was shut down in 2019, however, other similar moderation bots such as BotDefense were created to perform the same function.
  10. Their mobile app is truly horrible to use, to the point that most dedicated Redditors prefer to use third-party apps.
  11. Many subreddits are shut down for stupid to no reasons such as closing r/BigChungus for "harassment".
  12. You cannot delete your comments inbox, just your messages.




27 days ago
Score 5
That's a wholesome page.


5 days ago
Score 0
Except the logo lock-up on the page is incorrect.


3 days ago
Score 0
(A lock-up is the final form of a logo with all of it's elements locked in their relative positions.)

No bias

26 days ago
Score 3

Wholseome 100 Keanu reeves big chungus Fortnite bad Minecraft good you may laugh now TikTok bad Instagram bad Facebook bad Reddit good.

I'm joking and i'm not a redditor.


26 days ago
Score 2
I'm not a stereotypical Redditor either.

Asexual King Dice

26 days ago
Score 2
Hey guys! I just made my account a month ago, I make memes, fanarts, edits (Kinda cursed), tier lists and other things based on Undertale, Cuphead, Danganronpa, Yo-kai Watch and Invader Zim, if you want to start following me, obviously (if you don't want to that's ok)


25 days ago
Score 3

Asexual King Dice

20 days ago
Score 3
We should do that subreddit and others based on the reception wikis.


10 days ago
Score 1
Starting it up right now. It's at r/Qualitipedia, if you want to check it out.

Asexual King Dice

one day 8 hours 58 minutes ago
Score 0
Thanks for making it.

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