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YouTube (2005-2016)

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YouTube Logo 2017.svg
Broadcast yourself.
Type of site: Video hosting service
Language: Multilingual
Created by: Chad Hurley
Steve Chen
Jawed Karim
Owner: Google (2006-present)
Date of launch: February 14, 2005
Status: Active

YouTube is an American online video-sharing platform headquartered in San Bruno, California. Three former PayPal employees—Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim—created the service in February 2005. Google bought the site in November 2006 for US$1.65 billion; YouTube now operates as one of Google's subsidiaries.

Good Qualities

  1. It has a very unique interesting concept, and was somewhat revolutionary for the time.
  2. There is hundreds upon thousands of things to do and find on this site (although it does have it's fair share of restrictions), and basically every kind of concept of video can be found on this site in at least on way or another.
  3. Without YouTube, many memes and other internet technologies wouldn't have been a thing, such as Trololo (the nickname of former Russian singer's song Я Очень Рад, Ведь Я Наконец Возвращаюсь), RickRoll'd ("Never Gonna Give You Up" by Rick Astley), the Crash Bandicoot "Woah!" meme, YouTube Poops, Charlie bit my finger (which unfortunately got marked as made for kids and got sold as an NFT, therefore being unlisted), Nyan Cat and others. There also wouldn't have been great YouTubers making great videos, and many old videos are still watchable to this very day.
  4. They added the dark theme for free without having to use a browser extension, which was also highly requested. The dark theme is good for watching videos during night, and also reduces epilepsy.
  5. There are plenty of really great YouTubers. It helped many talented internet celebrities rise to fame, such as:
  6. Unlike many other social websites that only have a like button, YouTube actually has a dislike button for videos and comments too, which became finally an option for users to show that they don't like certain videos.
  7. They are against Elsagate channels which appear to be towards kids but contain disturbing or otherwise inappropriate content. Since 2017, they started taking down these channels.[1]
  8. It is still a popular website with tons of informative resources such as tutorials and tech support and let's play, animation, vlogging, speed paint and many other types of videos. Thus, the slogan of YouTube since then, "Broadcast yourself".
  9. The staff does a pretty good job of pushing the limits to show how corrupt enterprises can be, and they were quite effective in doing so.
  10. YouTube Premium has lots of good web series (even though it can be considered an unoriginal service to some).
  11. Google+ integration has been discontinued, with that service shutting down on April 2nd, 2019.
  12. They are against Article 13 and the Stop Online Piracy Act despite hypocrisy.
  13. In an interview with YouTuber Penguinz0, Susan and the other top members of YouTube were very open to whatever questions Penguinz had and were very transparent, giving honest answers and recognizing the many faults of YouTube from the trending page to the poor communication with creators and staff. They also stated that there are going to be big changes to YouTube in 2021 in an attempt to fix the many issues Critikal brought up. This does show that Susan and the team actually care about the site.
  14. Some people do get banned and age-restricted for reasonable reasons. In addition, even though bad YouTubers are still thriving on this platform, they still did terminate some of the worst users' channels like Peluchin Entertainment, Princess Ash and most importantly, ImJayStation who was widely infamous for constantly exploiting the dead in his creepypasta videos. With Susan Wojcicki promising to improve the site for 2021, this site would also terminate a lot more YouTubers who violate their guidelines.
  15. Some members of cartoon police groups go after users who have committed serious crimes (i.e., child pornography) and actually get them arrested in real life.
  16. The site promised there would be an upset to make YouTube safe for kids.
  17. After receiving criticism that musician royalty payments were low, the YouTube Music service increased its royalty rates.
  18. Although it could be considered a bad quality to some, YouTube can get addicting.
  19. EU users can bypass the verify your age by using a VPN.
  20. Most bad or average YouTubers aren't actually terrible people in general, like Kwebbelkop. Some bad Youtubers have also improved themselves overtime like Logan Paul, Calobi Productions, and even Morgz.
  21. Most of the bad qualities of the site didn't exist back when the website originally started on February 14, 2005, as the vast majority of its issues can be blamed on the staff and the current CEO of the site, Susan Wojcicki, although the users (creators and viewers alike) on the site accelerate and add to these problems.
  22. They have introduced Play Buttons, real-life awards some YouTubers can get by achieving a specified number of subscribers on their platform.
  23. They have a live-streaming feature similar to Twitch, and it actually is a major competitor to the latter.
  24. With translation being integrated from Google's takeover, it can translate auto-generated captions into more than 50 languages, for viewers who cannot understand videos in foreign languages.
  25. The poorly generated auto captions on videos can be unintentionally hilarious.
  26. YouTube TV is a solid alternative for cable TV, with 100 local stations and popular cable channels for half the price of cable.
  27. They will remove blatant copyright infringement (such as stolen videos) if the creator files a complaint.
  28. The best part is you can buy Movies and TV Shows on YouTube by searching a Movie or TV Show name.


  1. Tons of great (if sometimes overused) songs such as Drowning's Pool's "Bodies", Finger Eleven's "Paralyzer", and 009 Sound System's "Dreamscape", "Space and Time", "With a Spirit" and "Born to Be Wasted", Plain White T's' "Hey There Deliah", and most of Michael Jackson's music videos.
  2. AudioSwap, a tool that lets you replace a copyrighted song with a Creative Common-licensed song.
  3. Most people got along, and the community wasn't so horrendous back then. Most of it was dominated by mature teenagers and adults, rather than a majority of children.
    • To be fair however, toxicity still existed during these times (many obsessive and annoying fans (mostly tweens and teenage girls) of something usually made response videos to be people criticizing what they loved, with one example being the Jonas Brothers fangirls), be still.

Bad Qualities

  1. Unfortunately, the site went downhill in 2017, and is featured on Rotten Websites Wiki. This could be the fact that the site has bad updates.
    • Even before 2017, it had a few hiccups such as the infamous Christmas 2009 thumbnail hack started by MeiAIDS and ADHDYoshi.
    • The website between 2013-2016 had many flaws as well but despite all of this they are still good enough to have a page in this wiki.
    • Ever since 2009, there was a one of the faultiest copyright system ever made which is after YouTube made a deal with Viacom.
  2. From 2016 to early 2018, parent commenters were able to moderate replies, with only the parent commenter and YouTube staff being able to see removed comments. This made censorship easy. To add insult to injury, a bug prevented automatic false-positive flagged or accidentally flagged videos from being restored. Thankfully, this feature was eventually removed in late 2017.
  3. Back at the end of August 2016, YouTube made changes to enable the labeling of videos as "non-advertiser friendly" (and therefore demonetize it) for extremely petty reasons: Sexually suggestive content, profanity, violence, and even the discussion of controversial topics like politics and national tragedies. This policy can only be executed selectively since if done strictly, YouTube will end up demonetizing more than 90% of its content.
  4. Elsagate, also known as YouTube Kids Cartoons, was a series of highly inappropriate and poorly made videos starring well-known superheroes and cartoon characters. Elsagate was named after "Elsa" (a character from Disney movie Frozen, who is frequently depicted in such videos) and "-gate" (suffix for scandals)). But fortunately, since 2017, YouTube started to remove videos focused on Elsagate. On November 22, 2017, they had announced that they took down over 50 channels and thousands of videos that did not fit the new guidelines.
  5. In late 2014, they removed the original inbox. Afterward, they did a terrible job of making replacements for it before ultimately scrapping the features for good on September 18, 2019.


  • The site could be the most popular site in all the internet history and there's a likely chance that it could also be more popular than Google.



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